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Act 1 Scene 7(lines 1-28), Act 2 Scene 1(lines 33-64) and Act 5 Scene 5(lines 18-27) Essays

Act 1 Scene 7(lines 1-28), Act 2 Scene 1(lines 33-64) and Act 5 Scene 5(lines 18-27) Essays Act 1 Scene 7(lines 1-28), Act 2 Scene 1(lines 33-64) and Act 5 Scene 5(lines 18-27) Paper Act 1 Scene 7(lines 1-28), Act 2 Scene 1(lines 33-64) and Act 5 Scene 5(lines 18-27) Paper Essay Topic: Macbeth Macbeths state of mind changes drastically throughout the course of the play. This change is shown in his three main soliloquies. In Act 1 Scene 7 Macbeth is hesitant about killing Duncan and tries to think of reasons to justify killing him but Macbeth can only think of reasons not to kill Duncan. In Act 2 Scene1 Macbeth has a hallucination of a dagger with the handle pointed towards him. This dagger resembles his own and the blade is pointed toward Duncans room and, as the soliloquy goes on, appears to have blood all over it. This is Macbeths sub-conscious warning him not to kill Duncan. Finally, in Macbeths last soliloquy in Act 5 Scene 5, Macbeth is regretting killing Duncan, Banquo and Macduffs wife, children and household. Macbeth starts at the fact that he had tried so hard to be memorable but he will be forgotten. Also, Macbeth states how meaningless his life has been and, like a candle, his end is inevitable. Before Act 1 Scene 7 King Duncan has arrived at Macbeths castle and he has so far played the humble guest. However, Macbeth has been persuaded by Lady Macbeth to kill Duncan so the prophecy of the witches comes true, Macbeth is very noble at this point and is thinking hat killing Duncan will go against his values. Macbeths first soliloquy about his changing state of mind is in Act 1 Scene 7(lines 1-28). This soliloquy sees Macbeth contemplating whether or not to kill Duncan and Macbeth is desperately trying to think of reasons that would aid him in the killing of Duncan. However Macbeth can think of no such reasons, the only thing the he can think of are things that serve only to keep Duncan alive and that killing him now would be the greatest act of villainy. Because Duncan is at Macbeths castle he is in double trust first as Macbeth is his kinsman and his subject and then as his host, who should against his murderer shut the door, not bear the knife himself. Another thing that Macbeth tells himself is that killing Duncan would be about as cruel as leaving a naked newborn babe striding the blast and that tears would drown the land at Duncans death, since he was such a good and just king. Furthermore, Duncan is portrayed as a kind and gentle king as he showers Lady Macbeth with gifts when he enters Macbeths hospitality. When Macbeth makes his decision he has thought of all the possible outcomes. Macbeth is scared to kill Duncan because he fears eternal damnation. This is relevant at the time because people believed that the King was chosen by God and that killing the king would be like killing a part of God, it would also upset the natural order. At the end of the Scene Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth his decision not to kill Duncan but adamantly this is met with rage and abuse as Macbeth is called a coward by Lady Macbeth. This serves to change his mind. By Macbeths second soliloquy, in Act 2 Scene 1, he has decided to kill Duncan and is on his way to do so when he starts to see a dagger. Firstly he sees the daggers hilt pointing toward him, the blade points towards Duncans room. Macbeth tries to grab the dagger but his hand goes straight through it as it is not real and only a manifestation of his guilty conscience. The dagger then changes to having blood all over it. This is what Macbeths dagger will look like once he has killed Duncan. Furthermore, during the soliloquy Macbeth thinks that the stones that his castle are made from are moving and if they were then they would certainly be crying out at the terrible deed that Macbeth is going through. There is a lot of reference to movement in this soliloquy; Macbeth speaks of ravishing strides, a stealthy pace and Moves like a ghost. This could show that he is concerned that if he stops moving he will become scared of killing Duncan and so will not. Macbeth seems to be going mad at this juncture; he realises that the dagger, which at this point is moving towards Duncan, is not real. His eyes are the fools othother senses. This could mean that his eyesight is either much better or much worse that his other senses. At the moment Macbeths state of mind is one of great fear at both his thoughts and feelings and at being discovered. He also feels dread at what is to come in the future. As we know Macbeths future is not the best, but he is not to know that at this point in the play. Another reason for Macbeths fear is that while he is walking around talking to himself and thinking about the dreadful deed he is about to commit, Duncan still lives; and Macbeth could be discovered at any time and he would be unable to explain himself. The last two lines of this scene are a rhyming couplet. Macbeth is commenting that the bell ringing in the background is Duncans knell, a funeral bell rung to announce a death, summoning him to heaven or hell. This could be seen as some sort of dark humour on Shakespeares part, Macbeth is sure of where both he and Duncan are going. Duncan to heaven; Macbeth to hell. In Act 5 Scene 5 the battle between the armies of Macbeth and Malcolm is about to begin and Macbeth is starting to think that all his plans are coming undone. Macbeths castle is under siege and he begins to contemplate life and its petty pace from day to day, meaning that life, especially his, is meaningless and like a brief candle his end is inevitable despite his trying to make an impression on the world. At this point Macbeth is totally incapable of emotion whether fear at his impending doom or, as it happens, grief at his wifes death. His only comment is that she should have died hereafter. This is almost as if to say that Lady Macbeths death was inconvenient at this time. Macbeth again states that life is worthless, and is not as exciting as it seems, not unlike a tale told by an idiot, which is told with a lot of exuberance but, in the end, signifies nothing. Furthermore, like a poor player being forgotten and unsuccessful, Macbeth has not made enough of an impression to be remembered, even as a great tyrant and traitor. Macbeth mentions a dusty death which, in his case, would mean that his death shall not be remembered and like a dusty book on the top shelf he will not be acknowledged or honoured. Macbeth changes again in Act 5 Scene 5. He is now impervious to any emotion and he believes that all life, his mainly, is a waste of time and should not have been bothered with in the first place. He has gone past being a nobleman and being afraid of an unjust death and now is not able to feel any emotion at all. By the end of the play Macbeth becomes a cold-blooded killer from a noble lord and his actions are ruled by his dependence on the prophecy of the witches and his eventual total victory through their words. Little does Macbeth know that the prophecy is not intended for his victory but is designed to make him suffer for yielding to the power of the witches, murdering Duncan and trying to elevate his status in Scotland. This shows that Macbeth deserves the death that he gets because he is a true tyrant and traitor to the crown.

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Impressionist Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Impressionist Art - Essay Example While other movement before Impressionism attempted to capture reality as static images, the Impressionist painters, and later the composers, tried to show the nature of reality through the fluctuation and change in light, tone and color. During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries a group of artists united in an attempt to create a new style and technique of art based on direct observation of reality and to a subjective impression or mood of reality. This is evident from the emotional moods that are so eloquently captured in this exhibition. Many of the paintings reveal the success of their attempts and the resulting masterpieces of Impressionism. For example, Claude Monet's Haystacks is a work that no student or lover of modern art should miss. During the 1870's Monet developed his unique technique for painting atmospheric light rendered by means of rhythmic and broken brush strokes. This painting is an example of the impressionist aim of capturing transitory nature by means of direct observation. In Haystacks (1891) Monet succeeds in creating solid geometric shapes with nuances of light and color. The presentation of light and color is one of the most beautiful things about this type of art, and demonstrates the overall beauty behind this movement. Emotion in art was not a focus; rather the atmosphere and look of the painting expressed the beauty of the picture overall. Music is another medium where the beauty behind this period truly stands out. During this time period, classical music as mostly influenced in France toward the end of the nineteenth and through the twentieth century. The focus within the music was on both atmosphere and suggestion, and not necessarily on strong emotion or the presentation of a story, generally presented in program music. Much of this music, like the art, was a reaction against Romanticism, and the focus of Impressionist music was to use a sort of dissonance as well as uncommon scales. This is comparable to the impressionist style of painting, in which, when one stands close up, one sees the dissonance of the picture. However, the dissonance and difference is what creates the general attraction and beauty in the music itself. Claude DeBussy is an example of a successful Impressionist composer. His music in The Three Nocturnes includes characteristic studies in veiled harmony and texture, creating an overall atmospher e of difference, but this difference creates a feeling of respect and beauty. The work itself is not a usual nocturne, but is given to create the impression of the effects light would suggest. This includes the motion of the clouds as well, as they fade away with the sound of the music. The background of the piece remains consistent, thus blending music into a kind of cosmic rhythm. Therefore, both the works of DeBussy and Monet present the beauty behind this time period. Although this movement had its focus on creating "impressions" of the real thing, there was a great deal of beauty and talent that went into creating those impressions. The result in the case of art is a beautiful combination and focus on light within one's visual aspect, and within music, one is able to experience the feeling and movement of life by listening to music. Therefore, both of these concepts present

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Strategy and Policy Study Guide and Case Study

Strategy and Policy Guide and - Case Study Example ormance and durability and has formed a strong distribution network to ensure these shoes reach to all corners of the globe in time and at a reasonable price. (b) Basing on the IE matrix above, it is advisable that the company currently is not in a position to expand but should rather â€Å"hold and maintain†. The IE matrix is made up of three strategically important regions; First, The cells labelled I, II and III represent the possibility of expansion. The company should therefore concentrate on improving market penetration, develop new markets and increase the products available on the market. The second region represented by numbers IV, V, and VI implies the company should be more concerned with market penetration of existing markets. The last region represented by VII, VIII, and IX numbers is an indicator the company should consider the possibility of exiting from the market as it tries rebranding to rejuvenate the business. In this strategy, the company will establish sales teams that will market and track the market acceptance of specific products without focusing on other company products. First the company is to identify two or three products that are performing below the expected potential owing to the performance of similar products in the market by other companies. Then a team is selected to carry out market research and establish reason why the products are not performing well and strategies employed by competitors to market their products. The team will then draw a plan ready for implementation with clear targets markets, quantities and time frame for implementation. These teams will have to carry out evaluation after a number of months to check if the strategy is giving positive results. The company wants to be felt by customers both in the high end and low end market. In applying this strategy, the product marketed will be appealing to all markets and customers will want to have a feel of the product. The team will identify areas in the plan that

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Eddie and Beatrice Essay Example for Free

Eddie and Beatrice Essay Of all the characters in the play, Marco is the one most responsible for the death of Eddie Carbone Do you agree? Consider all the characters in the play who are likely to be involved. Form your own conclusion from evidence, and use six characters minimum. I am going to write an essay about who I think is the most responsible for Eddie Carbones death. I will also say whether I think Marco is the most responsible. I will talk about the different characters, and say what I think makes them responsible/not responsible for his death. Then I will give my conclusion as to whom I think is the most responsible. The characters that I am going to use for my essay are Marco, Eddie, Rodolfo, Alfieri, Catherine and Beatrice and I will write about them in that order. In the beginning Marco was a very nice man. He did not want to put Eddie and Beatrice out, and was always very friendly with them. There was never much conflict between himself and Eddie, they would talk about his family and how he was going to help his children get better. This is illustrated when Beatrice asks Marco if his wife is getting the money ok, and he replies Oh, yes. She bought medicine for my boy. Also when they are talking about money in the beginning, Marco is very eager to send his wife as much money as he can, as soon as possible. He says Because I could send them a little more if I stay here and, I want to send right away maybe twenty dollars. This shows Marco is a very caring man, and wants the best for his wife and children. Then, Eddie started to become jealous of Rodolfo and when they were talking about Marcos family it lead to respecting women, and it was like Eddie was trying to warn Rodolfo away from Catherine. Eddie starts to become very jealous and angry now, and says to Rodolfo, It aint so free here either Rodolfo, like you think Then Rodolfo tells him he does respect her and Eddie starts to talk about just taking away girls. Eddie says I know, but in your town you wouldnt just drag off some girl without permission, I mean (he turns) you know what I mean Marco? Marco replies (cautiously) yes. It was after this that things started to change between them. Eddie tried to teach Rodolfo how to box, but ended up hitting him too hard. Marco then showed Eddie that he could be strong too, by testing his strength: He kneels, grasps and with strain slowly raises the chair higher and higher. Eddies grin vanishes as he absorbs his look. Eddie couldnt lift the chair but Marco could, this was showing Eddie that he (Marco) could be twice as strong as him, and was like saying I can be strong too, Im warning you I also think this was like telling Eddie that, if he wanted to fight Rodolfo, then he would have to fight him as well. I dont think Marco is exactly to blame for Eddies death, because Eddie should have been warned and left it at that. Instead he went to the immigration service. Marco was right to be furious at Eddie who wouldnt be? He was trying to help his family to get better, and wanted them to have a better life, and now all this would go to waste. Then when Eddie brought the knife out and was about to use it on Marco I think it was an act of self-defence when Marco turned the knife around. Eddie went down with the blow of Marco punching him on the neck (because he lunged for him), and then just as Marco is about to stomp on him he brings out the knife. Eddie lunges with the knife. Marco grabs his arm, turning the blade inward and pressing it home Eddie was over-protective towards Catherine right from the start. When she wanted to go ahead with the job her principle had told her to try for he tried to stop her from going a sign that he didnt want her to leave, in case she liked it and wanted to start her own life. Eddie tells Catherine she is walking wavy This shows Eddies concern extends to the way Catherine walks. When Marco and Rodolfo came to stay, things just went from bad to worse. Eddie started being suspicious of Catherine and Rodolfo all the time, and would have a go at Rodolfo. Eddie says I know, but you wouldnt just drag off some girl without permission Eddie is accusing Rodolfo of dragging Catherine off without his permission, and saying he has no respect in for women in doing this. I think Eddie is to blame for his own death, because if he hadnt been so over-protective and jealous none of this would have happened. Another time Louis and Mike ask Eddie if he would like to go bowling with them, but he says no, hes expected at home.

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Computer Aided Learning: The way of the Future? :: Essays Papers

Computer Aided Learning: The way of the Future? As you look around at classrooms these days you may notice a trend. Computers are becoming more and more frequent each year. Teachers are using the latest technology to run power point presentations, streaming videos, and simulations that were never possible before. It ha becomes the new hallmark of teaching, allowing teachers to do more then ever thought possible. Companies have jumped on the bandwagon, selling aid to teachers and students. You can buy software for just about anything now a days. I know I had software for the SAT and ACT test that help considerably. But when do we have too much of a good thing? This is the debate that companies are going through, as well. Companies now have the choice of using normal human training or Computer-based training (CBT). Both have their advantages. Computer-based Training uses computer programs to teach without aid of a human instructor. Thus, you can get more people "efficiently" trained when they join the company, rather then waiting for the next training session. The premise of CBT, as stated by R. Scott Lawson in "Computer based training: is the next wave?", is an effective training medium. He goes on to say "Since the trainee directs his/her own progress through the material and actively participates by responding to prompts and questions, s/he pays greater attention to the subject matter." (Lawson sec.1 par.3) Also in this article Mr. Lawson describes the process of a CBT. The CBT gives a Pre-test. This test judge how much the trainee already knows on the subject matter. This pre-test helps the program customize itself for the trainee. Also test are taken to periodically to test the progress of the trainee. Another advantage of CBT is the bookmark feature. This allows you to stop and start the training at any time and get back to it later. Also you can customize your CBT program with company specific information, videos, and objectives. (Lawson sec. 2) The hopes of CBT are that the trainees retain the knowledge better then if taught by a human. In the article "Computer training vs. human instruction," by Holly Ann Suzik, Roger C. Schank was quoted as saying, "By and large, [human teachers] stand up in front of you and yak at you. And every body falls asleep. The sense that live humans are better teachers is a nice myth, because we don’t want to change.

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Christmas in Purgatory Essay

After seeing the video and receiving a glimpse into the lives of the people and families that had to live through the traumatic events that took place I completely agreed with the Christmas in Purgatory book that â€Å"there is a hell on earth. † One of the main things I realized from the video and class discussion was that helping better the education and accommodations for students with disabilities is a job for every educator. The video helped me relate the information to my own life by making me realize one major flaw that I failed to see in myself was thinking that because I am not a special education major it is not as important for me to help take the necessary steps to better the educational need of those with disabilities. After watching the Willowbrook video I realized that much of the problem with what happened may have begun with people who looked the other way because they thought it was of no concern of theirs. The images and video really helped me grasp the realness of what happened. It was truly something I had to see to believe. I think it related to the course information by really opening students eyes and making us want to learn more and do more to make things better for those with disabilities. The information I learned has made me realize that my view on what role I should play in helping students with disabilities was incredibly off. This fact really made me like the video because it helped give me a better perspective on things. It really brought to my attention the reality of what happened and how everyone needs to play a part in taking steps to make things better. I think the information we learned and discussed in class will truly make students want to help make a change. The video, images, and discussion will hopefully alter everyone’s perspective, like it has mine, for the better and make us work toward creating an improved learning environment for students with disabilities. The experience of completing this assignment was really exciting for me because I was able to learn something about myself and persons with disabilities that I had not known before. This information should impact everyone, including myself; to make sure that something this tragic never happens again.

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The Role Of International Monetary Fund And The World Bank...

Introduction Considering the international organizations all could be a complex function in terms of the World problems. This essay discusses the role of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank positions in the World life. The essay will reflects the two organizations purposes, also provide an inside to the operation system, decision making, structure and shows some example for the failure or success of the institutions. Finding International Monetary Fund (IMF) aims to maintain and defeat and sometimes to restrain the financial crises. (BBC, 2012) Basically it was created to avoid another Great Depression with an economical cooperation. It was founded more than 60 years ago at the end of the II World War. (International Monetary Fund, 2015) Mostly the institution has directed to focus the developing world. Nowadays there are few purposes of the IMF such as monetary stability, exchange rate stability, facilitate trade, help their members with balance the payment difficulties and also to help with the poverty reduction. (International Monetary Fund, 2015) The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development which was the forerunner of the World Bank (WB) - was established to handle post-war renewal. Nowadays the organisation is the biggest leading development institution and basically operating for growth and poverty decrease. Owned by the governments of its 188 member states, the Bank channels loans and grants and advises low and middle-incomeShow MoreRelatedThe International Monetary Fund And World Bank Group1644 Words   |  7 PagesThe International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have had enormous impact upon the world’s economies since their inception, after World War II. Although each of these organizations has a similar history, their role, objectives and funding are unique. These Washington DC-based organizations have drawn more than their share fair share of criticism as well as praise. Modern nations require thoroughly understand of these organizations. TheRead MoreWorld Bank Reconstruction Role During The Leste s Creating Problems1222 Words   |  5 PagesWorld Bank reconstruction role in Timor-Leste creating problems (REFERENCE: The World Bank came to Timor-Leste in 1999, when the UN was still planning the intervention mission. The lack of attention given by the UN Transitional Administration in East Timor to economic development allowed the Bank to assume a central role. After the end of mass violence, the Bank and Fund visited Timor-Leste and conducted a joint assessment mission. ThisRead MoreThe World Bank And The International Monetary Fund1505 Words   |  7 PagesEconomics in an International Context Essay Name: Yousef Al Zarafy Module Code: FC006 - Economics in an International Context Module Teacher: Georgina Chapman Assessment Type: Individual Essay Assessment Title: â€Å"Africa needs to be rich - rather than green† claims Matt Ridley. Would this statement also apply to developing economies? Using clear Example, discuss the role and influence of The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in the developing countries of Europe. Submission DateRead MoreThe World Banks Role and Contribution across the Globe728 Words   |  3 PagesThe World Bank consists of two related institutions, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Development Association. These bodies provide financing to poor countries with the objective of eliminating poverty in the world. The Bank provides financial products and services where they are needed most, and also contributes to knowledge sharing around the world. World Bank development projects for example include the development of water projects. By helping toRead MoreMechanism Behind The Foundation Of Bretton Woods System1693 Words   |  7 Pagesexchange rate regime based on gold and the US dollar and also includes the factors and reasons that led the system to collapse. Background of Foundation of the Bretton Woods System As far back as the World War II, the United States has been attempting to replace the Great Britain, establishing a world currency system centred in US dollar. After the war, the economic strength of the world’s countries changed significantly. Unlike Europe and Japan, the United States experienced very little destructionRead MoreBurundi Legal Position Paper1308 Words   |  6 PagesLEGAL COMMITTEE Burundi’s Position on the Legal Aspects of Odious Debt Introduction Burundi, one of the world’s smallest nations, has just emerged from a 12-year ethnic-based civil war. The war started in 1993 and just ended in 2005, which then caused an alteration in the government political system to take on a democratic form. They are now in process of peace although they are still in the struggle of reviving their shattered economy and forging national unity. Burundi is a landlockedRead MorePolicy Making Processes : China s Exchange Rate Policy1642 Words   |  7 PagesPolicy Making Processes Memorandum for Chinese President Xi Jinping From: International Monetary Fund Executive Director for China Runke Sun Subject: Prevent China’s Exchange Rate Policy from Regulatory Capture China’s exchange rate policy: â€Å"a dirty float† Exchange rate measures the value of one country’s currency through another country’s currency, so it acts a significant role in international trade, by which I mean a wide range term, not only infers import and export trade, but also includesRead MoreMonetary Policy When A Central Bank Has An Influence On A Country s Money Supply1617 Words   |  7 Pages Monetary policy when a central bank has an influence on a country’s money supply. Monetary policy is a large factor when it comes to a country’s economy it can either affect them in a positive way or in a negative way. One case where a successful implementation of monetary policy in the United States occurred in 1982: the anti-inflationary recession caused by the Federal Reserve under the guidance of Paul Volcker.You will notice the steps that mR Volcker took to help lower these rates. How he helpedRead More The World Bank and The IMF: Twins or Rivals? Essay examples1800 Words   |  8 PagesThe World Bank and The IMF: Twins or Rivals? Both institutions, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, were established more than fifty years ago; and the foundations of both were expected to play roles in stabilizing the frustrated global economy and aiding post-war European countries as well as other developing countries for economic progress. In the first three decades, both institutions had their own respective functions and extensively engaged in different economic and financialRead MoreForeign Investment And Removal Of Trade Barrier Essay1447 Words   |  6 Pages Trade plays a key role in stimulating economies. It promotes sustainable economic growth and development. However, for this to happen there needs to be openness. This paper is going to discuss how increasing the level of openness of developing nations can lead to increased economic growth. The paper will also review some of the dynamic gains that can be made from trade before concluding with a discussion of the roles of global trade organ izations in promoting economic development. These