Saturday, February 8, 2020

Strategy and Policy Study Guide and Case Study

Strategy and Policy Guide and - Case Study Example ormance and durability and has formed a strong distribution network to ensure these shoes reach to all corners of the globe in time and at a reasonable price. (b) Basing on the IE matrix above, it is advisable that the company currently is not in a position to expand but should rather â€Å"hold and maintain†. The IE matrix is made up of three strategically important regions; First, The cells labelled I, II and III represent the possibility of expansion. The company should therefore concentrate on improving market penetration, develop new markets and increase the products available on the market. The second region represented by numbers IV, V, and VI implies the company should be more concerned with market penetration of existing markets. The last region represented by VII, VIII, and IX numbers is an indicator the company should consider the possibility of exiting from the market as it tries rebranding to rejuvenate the business. In this strategy, the company will establish sales teams that will market and track the market acceptance of specific products without focusing on other company products. First the company is to identify two or three products that are performing below the expected potential owing to the performance of similar products in the market by other companies. Then a team is selected to carry out market research and establish reason why the products are not performing well and strategies employed by competitors to market their products. The team will then draw a plan ready for implementation with clear targets markets, quantities and time frame for implementation. These teams will have to carry out evaluation after a number of months to check if the strategy is giving positive results. The company wants to be felt by customers both in the high end and low end market. In applying this strategy, the product marketed will be appealing to all markets and customers will want to have a feel of the product. The team will identify areas in the plan that

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