Friday, November 1, 2019

History of the third world Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

History of the third world - Essay Example And a major part of the third world nation doesn't agree western nations intervening In the ruling matters of the developing countries also the third world countries are inclined to spend its nations income in war and ammunition because of which could not progress in the way of they are to be and for all this the reason are the western countries which support and help the rival nations what they earn. They are already developed nations and instead of giving a helping hand to under developing nations if they raise objections it is nothing but they are not progress loving and peace loving nations. Also when the super powerful nations are struck by natural calamities they received a financial aid from the third world nations. They need something to learn from. How can the progress of third world bear equality to their leave. The contemporary third world that exists along with the developed and underdeveloped countries is an experience to all the countries what the third world has experienced is never experienced by the developed countries. The pain and agony through which the third world has experienced has become the eye opening. The primary reasons for such experiences are the developed countries, which used to exploit underdeveloped countries in every possible manner. ... These countries slowly emerging from the clutches of the slavery and the bonded labor have become internally strong, independent and with rich cultural heritage. This glorious journey is a result of centuries of struggle for independency. The global changes like World War I and World War II were truly influencing the third world countries to reclaim their national sovereignty. The slump in the financial position of the ruling countries because of the two world wars Lead them in slowly started slowly backing off men and military from each country. Apart from that during their regime in two countries the bounded labor and slavery slowly revolutionized and started opposing and revolting against the colonial rule. After decades and decades of struggle and fight for independence was finally achieved. But along with independence there were umpteen numbers of responsibilities. There are not only responsibilities but also new challenges to foresee with. Tackling poverty, diseases, insufficient, funds, armed forces, foreign affairs, internal issues etc. William J brought many heart wrenching facts to light. Most of the facts point out the inept handling by the American nation into its foreign affairs and relief work offered. The capitalistic nature of behavior is clearly seen the way they handle their foreign counter parts. The gruesome incident reported by William J. in the detention centers of American relief operations has put the readers to shock. The manner in which the incidents were reported brought severe criticisms from all walks of the society. The ugly American since when it is published has become a rage and it also made the President Eisenhower to put a committee and order a probe into the dealings of the foreign affairs. The author tried his

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