Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Compare and contrast Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Compare and contrast - Essay Example As this is a new induction in the particular market of the geographic domain so the word ‘Introduction’ has been written in a bold type so as to make people aware that the car is a new one and must be looked at by all and sundry. Also the advertisement shows the car with a man (human element) at the top portion of the advertisement while the body copy is fitted in the bottom half where one smaller photograph of the said car is pasted. In the body copy of the advertisement, the car’s features have been detailed so as to make a reader get noticed about them. The background of the whole advertisement has been kept as black and on that the font color for both the tag line and the copy is white with shades of bold type in the heading portions. The name of Renault with its model ‘Le Car’ has also been put at the very bottom of the print advertisement so that the balance is retained within the advertisement and a person is made aware of the company when he t ries to exit his mind and eye from the print advertisement. The body copy has discussed the car’s different features, its performance, fantastic ride, its being the city car as well as its price thus offering the potential customers of the car a complete package in the whole print advertisement. This second advertisement is of Alpine car audio systems in which a $125,000 Lamborghini has been shown in the center of the print advertisement. This is also a magazine advertisement as the body copy is more than in a usual newspaper advertisement, which relies more on artwork and slogan (the tag line) than anything else. The advertisement has detailed the body copy at the bottom in a two-column format where its details have been provided but the font size is too small for an on-looker to see from a distance and comprehend. It is only when a person closely reads the advertisement that he gets the point that what is there in the advertisement for him or her. As the

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