Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Natural Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Natural Selection - Essay Example The world is going through the process of changes at different levels and most of them are related to human activity that goes on without intermission. Evolutionary biology provides perfect understanding and increases awareness. Regina Bailey argues that â€Å"Biological evolution is defined as any genetic change in a population that is inherited over several generations. These changes may be small or large, noticeable or not so noticeable. In order for an event to be considered an instance of evolution, changes have to occur on the genetic level of a population and be passed on from one generation to the next.†(Bailey†¦)It helps to predict short and long- term results of variations in the environment, global warming and results of application of pesticides. Interaction between adaptation and chance are the conflicting agents in the process of natural selection. When we say variation is the key concept, the role of lineages that are engaged in competition goes to prove th e importance of natural selection. Biological species are not unchangeable entities and they are ever on the flux. Regina Bailey further states, â€Å"Natural selection is the process by which biological evolutionary changes take place. Natural selection acts on populations and not individuals†¦.. Evolution suggests that all life is connected and can be traced back to one common ancestor. A literal interpretation of biblical creation suggests that life was created by an all-powerful, supernatural being.†(Bailey)The Process of Natural Selection, as propounded by Darwin has four components. They are â€Å"variation, inheritance, high rate of population growth and differential survival and reproduction.†(2011, Medical†¦) Viewed from any angle, natural selection is an important concept in evolutionary

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