Monday, October 28, 2019

Jung vs Freud Essay Example for Free

Jung vs Freud Essay Sigmund Freud was known as a medical doctor, psychologist and one of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth century. His ideas attracted Carl Jung to come under the teachings of Freud. As time grew on, Jung began to reject some of Freud’s original ideas. The two share some central ideas, but the differences between them are recognizable. The religion, unconscious complex, and the therapist practices is the biggest distinction between the two scholars. Freud’s dream is retrospective, meaning that it mainly deals with past events from childhood usually sexual ideas, while Jung’s dreams were more prospective, showing what the dreamer can grow into. Freuds’s dreams usually were regarded as a manifestation of the repressed sexual urges of the unconscious. As Freud cited â€Å"Many men dream of having sexual relations with their mothers and speak of the fact with indignation and astonishment. †(pg. 475) For example, if a patient dreamt about a long object, Freud would most likely say that it represents the phallus and ultimately sex, while Jung may say that it has nothing to do with the desire to have sex at all but rather the phallic object could refer to strength or fertility. This is where Jung and Freud had their greatest difference. Jung didn’t believe that everything was based so much on sexuality while Freud did. Jung cited â€Å"The dreams are obviously reiterating the conscious standpoint minus the conscious criticism. †(pg. 491) However, this disconnect is not surprising as ultimately, all of Freud’s students and most of his fellow peers didn’t agree with his strong emphasis on sexuality ruling everything. Jung and Freud especially differ in that Jung makes humans seem like beings that can advance and grow together, while Freud makes human seem largely like barbaric beings whose only/main motivation is sex. Even though Jung and Freud had there differences, they still had the same central idea of philosophies and mind process. It was a plus for mankind that Jung began to explore the world and create ideas for himself rather than just listening to the teachings of Freud. Jung offered new thought process for people to agree on rather than everyone just following the masses.

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