Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Resource Management - Essay Example Other large national surveys show that there are differences in both the broader attributes of health like educational attainment, lifestyle, income levels, living and working conditions and in health outcomes. There are also important differences between and within black and ethnic minority groups. This paper attempts to highlight, analyze and evaluate the prospect of using skilled, qualified and bilingual teachers to improve literacy and numeracy among black and minority ethnic groups at a primary inner city school in Sheffield with 90% BME children. This phase will focus on how the school will locate and then proceed to plan its resources (the teachers) so that they can be utilized to achieve the objectives of the school, which are to increase the rates of literacy and numeracy among black and minority ethnic groups. This stage could involve several issues and a number of methods can be used to identify potential recruits that can be incorporated into the school’s system. Identification may involve the following: The school may create a network which will be entirely dedicated to identifying and hiring teachers who have attractive attributes and credentials. This network will be allocated the necessary resources so that it can be able to perform its duties effectively in order to help achieve the objectives of the school. The network will be charged with the task of traversing different areas ranging from other schools to colleges that provide training to prospective teachers. The government is a huge source of information on the performance of various schools with specific information on the performance of individual teachers. Working closely with the government can lead to access to this type of information and as a result the school can be able to use this information to identify the teachers it thinks can help it achieve its goals and objectives. This includes

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